VIP Membership
We offer a wide range of beauty services

When becoming a member, this will provide full access to our membership happy hour once a month. Also, as a member, you will receive either 10%, 15% or 20% off of all services and 1 free select service a month depending on if you’re a Gold, Platinum or Diamond member.


$ 25

Become a gold member and receive 10 % off all services. Also choose 1 select free service brow threading, 15 minute massage or cluster lash application. $25 per months.


$ 60

Save $35 per year! Become a platinum member to receive 15% off all services and choose 1 select free service per month. $60 Every 3 months.


$ 200

Save $75 per year by becoming a diamond member receive 20% off select services and choose 1 free service per month. $200 per year.

Spa Party

The moment you walk through the doors of The Beauty Secret & trust us with beautifying you, you become family.

As a family, we have a spa party once a month to bond & relax as one.

With a small entry fee, We enjoy great music, delicious food, and drinks, & One of a kind spa treatments.